Part - 1: Introduction: Unveiling the Metaverse
1. Exploring the Metaverse Origin
2. Metaverse: Various Forms and Interpretations
Part - 2: Metaverse: A Result of Technological Evolutions
3. Understanding XR: Metaverse Foundation
4. AI Empowering the Metaverse
5. IoT, Cloud, and Next-gen Networks
6. Decentralization and the Role of Blockchain
Part - 3: Metaverse: An Opportunity to Extend the Beliefs
7. Gaming Redefined: The Metaverse Revolution
8. Connecting and Engaging in the Metaverse
9. Revolutionizing Fitness and Healthcare
10. Exploring the Metaverse Economy
11. Skilling and Reskilling in the Enterprise Metaverse
Part - 4: Metaverse: The Concerning Part
12. Identity Preservation and Privacy Protection
13. Metaverse and Sustainability
Part - 5: Shaping the Metaverse: Standards and Practices
14. Getting Started with Metaverse Development
15. Metaverse Practices, Standards, and Initiatives
16. Metaverse: A Way Forward