Contents: Part

I: Building and Managing a Virtual Team    

Chapter 1: Understanding Team Dynamics in a Virtual Environment     

Chapter 2: Setting Up a Virtual Team    

Chapter 3: Evaluating Your Needs    

Chapter 4: Communicating with the Team     

Chapter 5: Project Planning and Tracking    

Chapter 6: Collaborating and Troubleshooting    

Chapter 7: Conducting Reviews    

Chapter 8: Managing Risk and Change    

Chapter 9: Evaluating Project Success  

Part II: Evaluating the Tools    

Chapter 10: Comparing Features, Tools, and More ...    

Chapter 11: Installation, Customization, and Security    

Chapter 12: Collaborative Software Suits    

Chapter 13: Meeting and Communication Tools    

Chapter 14: Information Broadcasting Tools    

Chapter 15: Information Sharing Tools    

Chapter 16: Information Gathering Tools    

Chapter 17: Wikis    

Chapter 18: RSS Feeds and Other "Push" Technologies   Appendix A: It's a Wiki Wacky World Appendix B: Glossary