Part I :                        

String and Texts

Chapter 1.        String and Texts

Chapter 2          Text Games  

Part II:            

Visual Basic.Net 2003 Graphics Capabilities 

Chapter 3.         The Fundamental of the GDI + Interface

Chapter 4.         Curves

Chapter 5.         Gradient Brushes

Chapter 6.         Transformations

Chapter 7.         Shapes

Chapter 8.         Images  

Part III:            Keyboard And Mouse 

Chapter 9.         Keyboard

Chapter 10.       Mouse   

Part IV:           Forms and Controls 

Chapter 11        Forms

Chapter 12        Controls  

Part V:                        Advanced Examples 

Chapter 13        Pranks and Practical Jokes

Chapter 14        Illusions

Chapter 15.       The Sounds of Music

Chapter 16.       Programs That Talk

Chapter 17        The Laws of Nature

Chapter 18        Games

Chapter 19        Tricks

Chapter 20        Coding the Smart Way                      

Conclusion CD –ROM

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