The contents of the CD accompanying this will be of great help to you in networking interviews and the contents of its areas follow:  

  • Sample resumes which will help you in creating a better resume.
  • An MS-Excel sheet of gauge how much you are ready for Networking Interviews.
  • Zone alarm installation to practice firewalls (Zaza-Setup-en.exe.) 
  • A Netcat folder that has the famous Netcat tool for port scanning and sending requests to ports for checking security.
  • Testnet. zip, TestNet is a simple application to test network connectivity.
  • Nsaudito_setup.exe, Nsauditor reveals a variety of information  
  • GNS3-0(1)-3-win32-all-in-one .exe, the GNS3 application
  • Total Networking inventory is a tool that interrogates all computers in a network
  •, BWMeter is a very powerful bandwidth monitor and meter that measures and displays all traffic on your network.