Part I: Easy

Project 1.Max Out Your Memory and Turbo-Charge It with Ready Boost

Project 2. Get the Fastest Possible internet Connection

Project 3. Turn Your PC into a Free Phone

Project 4. Turn Your PC into a Video Phone

Part II: Intermediate

Project 5. Turn Your PC into a Media Center

Project 6. Learn to work with your PC's BIOS

Project 7. Replace Your Hard Disk-or Add Another Hard Disk

Project 8. Set Up a Multimonitor Monster

Project 9. Build a Wired Network in Your Home

Project 10. Recover from Windows Disasters with Knoppix

Project 11. Modify Your PC's Case

Project 12. Use your PC's as Your Home Theater 

Project 13. Share Your Household's Music and Movies Easily and Effectively

Project 14. Turn Your PC into a Recording Studio

Project 15. Record Music on Your PC

Project 16. Back Up and Restore Your Computer 

Project 17. Create a Wireless Network

Project 18. Create an Ad Hoc Wireless Network

Project 19. Digitize your Paper Documents 

Part III: Advanced 

Project 20. Seal Your private Data in an Uncrackable Virtual Locker

Project 21. Stream TV to Your PC or Handheld Device Anywhere 

Project 22. Silence Your PC or Build an Ultra-Quiet PC

Project 23. Run Other Operating Systems on Top of Windows

Project 24. Install Another Operating System Alongside Windows