Part I   Creating your first PowerPoint Presentation  

Chapter 1          Getting Started with PowerPoint 2000

Chapter 2          Getting Help

Chapter 3          Creating a Quick and Easy Presentation

Chapter 4          Viewing Your Presentation  

Part II Expanding Your Presentation  

Chapter 5          Working with Outline View

Chapter 6          Organizing Your Presentation

Chapter 7          Editing Text

Chapter 8          Customizing Your Presentation  

Part III Enhancing Your Presentation  

Chapter 9          Adding Graphics to a Presentation

Chapter 10        Displaying Special Effects

Chapter 11        Adding Tables

Chapter 12        Building Charts

Chapter 13        Creating an Organization Chart  

Part IV Collaborating with PowerPoint  

Chapter 14        Working on a Presentation with a Group

Chapter 15        Sharing Files with Office Applications  

Part V             Completing your Presentation.  

Chapter 16        Adding the Final Touches to Your Presentation

Chapter 17        Delivering your Presentation

Chapter 18        Preparing your Presentation for the Web  


Appendix A : Office 2000 Installation

Appendix B :Using Keyboard Shortcuts