Part - A : SAP

Chapter A1 : Need For Enterprise Resource Planning Software 

Chapter A2 : What Is SAP

Chapter A3 : Functionality And Architecture

Chapter A4 : Implementation Methodologies

Chapter A5 : ASAP Methodology 

Chapter A6 : Phase- 1 Project Preparation

Chapter A7 : Phase - 2 Business Blueprint

Chapter A8 : Phase - 3 Realization

Chapter A9 : Phase - 4 Final Preparation

Chapter A10 : Phase - 5 Go Live & Support

Chapter A11 : Project Principles, Guidelines and Tips

Chapter A12 : Factors Impacting project success

Chapter A13 : How To Ensure Success 

Chapter A14 : Market's Influence on SAP

Part B : Business Warehouse (BW)

Chapter B1 : Introduction

Chapter B2 : Evolution Of Data Warehousing and BW

Chapter B3 : DWH Characteristics and Design

Chapter B4 :  Process and Architecture

Chapter B5 : Infrastructure and Tools

Chapter B6 : Multi Dimensionality and OLAP

Chapter B7 : Implementation Approaches

Chapter B8 : Planning a BW Project

Chapter B9 : Building a BW Data Warehouse

Chapter B10 : BW Architecture and Objects

Chapter B11 : BW Design

Chapter B12 : Creating and Loading InfoCubes

Chapter B13 : Data Migration

Chapter B14 : BW Front-end Tools

Chapter B15 : Creating Queries With BEx

Chapter B16 : Other Query Tools and Navigation Techniques

Chapter B17 : Failure Causes and Common Mistakes