Chapter 1: SAP Business Workflow Introduction
Chapter 2: SAP Business Workflow Introduction
Chapter 3: SAP Business Workflow Terminology
Chapter 4: SAP Workflow with Function Modules & Reports 
Chapter 5: SAP Workflow Review Checklist
Chapter 6: Demo- SAP Workflow for Credit Memos
Chapter 7: Demo- SAP Business Workflow Substitution
Chapter 8: Demo - When a FI Document is Parked then Trigger Custom Workflow
Chapter 9: Demo - Goods Returns Workflow
Chapter 10: Demo- Workflow for MRP Purchase Requisitions 
Chapter 11: Workflow Management System Best Practices
Chapter 12: Earn Value - Overview 
Chapter 13: Basic Data Services Using SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0
Chapter 14: SAP NetWeaver Gateway- Transaction Codes Usage and Purpose
Chapter 15: SAP NetWeaver Gateway Basic Configuration
Chapter 16: Demo- Workflow Trigger Using HR Tables
Chapter 17: Demo- Workflow Trigger using Status Management
Chapter 18: Demo- Leave Request 
Chapter 19: Demo- Integration of Portal and SAP Workflow
Chapter 20: Demo- Integration of Workflow with ALE
Chapter 21: Demo- Attach link in send mail Step of a 
Chapter 22: Case Study - Advance Workflow Design- Update Sales Document
Chapter 23: Case Study - SAP Workflow Upgrade from 4.6 to 6.0
Chapter 24: Quiz Session - SAP Workflow