Part I: Get Started with Your Mac

Chapter 1. Welcome to the World of Mac!

Chapter 2. Getting to Know Your Mac

Chapter 3. Cruisin': Navigating Your Mac

Chapter 4. Stylin' and Profilin'! Customizing Your Mac

Chapter 5. Getting Started on the Internet

Part II: Making Your Mac Earn Its Keep

Chapter 6. How to Use Your Mac's Applications

Chapter 7. I Work, You Work, We All Work with iWork

Chapter 8. Start the Presses! Printing and Faxing Your Documents

Chapter 9. Connected and Organized: Tow Things Most of Us Are Not!

Part III: Pictures, Music, and Movies, Oh My!

Chapter 10. The Quick and the Time: QuickTime

Chapter 11. Say Cheese! Managing Your Photos with iPhoto

Chapter 12. Well, Turn it Up, Man! Get In Tune with iTunes

Chapter 13. iLights! iCamera! iAction!: Using iMovie

Part IV: Time to Geek Out! Digging Deeper into Your Mac

Chapter 14. Making Sense of the System Preferences

Chapter 15. Making Your Mac Play Pretty with Other Computers: Networking and Sharing

Chapter 16. Deeper into the Internet Jungle with Safari

Chapter 17. Mail Call!

Part V: Making Your Mac Even Better: Adding Microsoft Windows and Hardware

Chapter 18. ATTENTION! Welcome to Boot Camp, Private!

Chapter 19. It's Alive! Adding Hardware to Your Mac (enstein)

Part VI: Troubleshooting and Getting Further Help When You Need It

Chapter 20. What the Heck Just Happened?

Chapter 21. Helpful Resources for Your Mac

Part VII: Change the Silicon Every Three Thousand Miles: Maintaining Your Mac

Chapter 22. Keeping the Engine Tuned

Chapter 23. Getting Under the Hood

Chapter 24. Back 'er Up: Using Time Machine Index