1. Chapter 1 begins with the basics of Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Interface. It also includes the New Features.
  2. Chapter 2 explains all the Flash Drawing and Selection tools for creating and manipulating graphics.
  3. Chapter 3 enables you how to create and edit Symbols and Instances. It explains how you can save time and reduce your file size using symbols. It also includes the creative possibilities of filter and blend modes as well as position objects in 3D space.
  4. Chapter 4 deals with all the information about Timeline, Layers & their types and different types of animation. It also explains how to create mask and guide layers. It also describes about the amazing IK tool and its new pinning feature.
  5. Chapter 5 enables you how to add interactive power in Flash using button symbols and Code Snippets Panel. It also describes about actions using ActionScript 3.0.
  6. Chapter 6 covers basic font management issues. It provides strategies for handling fonts in project as well as in published movies.
  7. Chapter 7 explains how to attach media files in Flash projects to make them more interactive. It also explains about Adobe Media Encoder CS6 to compress and convert the video files to the appropriate format for Flash.
  8. Chapter 8 introduced you how to load external SWF file and control Flash contents.
  9. Chapter 9 discusses to test and publish Flash files. It also describes how to customize publish settings for mobile devices and desktop applications using Adobe AIR.
  10. Chapter 10 introduces the new version of Flash CC version and its new features in brief.