Chap. 2 : MONOSTABLE OPERATION Operation?Triggered Monostable?Negative-Recovery Circuit?Compensating for Capacitance Variations?Schmitt Triggers?laverting Bistable Buffer?-Things to Remember

Chap. 3 : ASTABLE OPERATION Operation?The Duty Cycle?Adjusting the Frequency and Duty Cycle?A Crystal-Controlled Astable?Minimizing Differences in the Monostable and Astable Periods

Chap. 4 : POWER Supply CIRCUITS Positive DC-DC Converters?Negative DC-DC Converters?A Dual-Polarity Converter?Battery Charger/Monitor

Chap. 5 : MEASUREMENTS AND CONTROL Go/No Go Tester?Audible Continuity Tester?Digital Logic Probes ?Multi wire Cable Tester?Oscilloscope Display?Analog Frequency Meters and Tachometers?Measurement of Capacitance?555-RLC Maxwell Bridge?Waveform Generators?Temperature Measurement and Control?Additional Control Circuits

Chap. 6 : PLAYING Games WITH THE 555 TIMER Coin Flip Decision Maker?Casino Games?Personal Timing Tester

Chap. 7 : CIRCUITS FOR THE Automobile AND HOME Windshield Wiper System?Automobile Idiot Light Alarm?Voltage Regulator?Electronic Ignition?Tachometers and Speed?Automobile Burglar Alarm?Automatic Headlight Turn-Off?Toxic Gas Alarm?Monitoring the Weather?Electric Eyes

Chap. 8 : THE 555 AND MA BELL Ringers?Tones

Chap. 9 :HOBBIES Photography?Music?Ham and CB Radio

Chap. 10 : EXPERIMENTING WITH THE 555 TIMER Introduction to the Experiments?