Section 1: Introduction 
• What is AutoCAD, History of AutoCAD, Usage of AutoCAD, What is New in AutoCAD 2018, What is Workspace?
Section 2: Overview 
• Welcome Screen, Mouse use, Difference between Command Work & Visual Work, Coordinate System with Line Command, Zoom and Extents, Regen.
Section 3: Draw Tools 
• Line,  Pline, Xline, Spline, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Polygon, Ellipse, Hatch, Gradient, Boundary, Ray, Point, Divide, Measure, Region, Wipeout, 3D Polyline, Helix,
   Revision Cloud, Solid, Fill.

Section 4: Modify Tools 
• Move, Copy, Stretch, Rotate, Mirror, Scale, Trim, Extend, Fillet, Chamfer, Blend Curves, Array, Explode, Offset, Lengthen, Align, Break, Join,  Delete Duplicate Object, 
   Draw Order, Blocks. 

Section 5: Annotation 
• Text, Multiline Text, Text Style, Dimensioning, Linear, Aligned, Angular, Arc Length, Radius, Diameter, Jogged Radius Dimension, Ordinate, Quick Dimension, 
   Continue, Baseline, Centre Mark, Centre Line, Inspection Dimension, Dimension Break, Dimension Space, Dim Style, Qleader, Leader, Table, Smart Dimension.

Section 6: Inquiry 
• List, Angle, Dist, Volume, Area.
Section 7: Parametric 
• Geometric Constraints, Dimensional Constraints, Manage Constraints. 

Section 8: Setting & Option
• Infer Constraint, Grid & Snap, Osnap, Polar, Ortho, Ontrack, Lwt, Dyn, Qp (Quick Properties), Colour, Ui Colour Changes, Pan, Steering Wheels, Grips Editing, Regen, Multiline Style, Point-style, Table style, Background Mask, Units, Layers, Purge. 

Section 9: 3D Modeling & View 
• Box, Cylinder, Helix, Cone, Torus, Pyramid, Wedge, Polysolid, Sphere, Extrude, Presspull, Loft, Revolve, Sweep.
Section 10: 3D Modify Tools 
• 3D Move, 3D Rotate, 3D Scale, 3D Mirror, 3D Array, Subtract, Union, Intersect, Slice, Fillet Edge, Chamfer Edge.
Section 11: 3D Surface & Mesh 
• Network, Planar, Surface Blend, Patch, Surface Offset, Surface Extend, Surface Trim, Surface Fillet.

Section 12: What Are The New Features Introduced In Autocad 2018? 
• Revision Cloud, Smart Dimension, Geometric Center (Osnap), Center Marks and Center Lines, Pdf File Import
2D Practice Drawings
• Basic Drawing