1. Introduction

2. What is project Management and Do you Really Need It.?

3. Things You Probably Didn't Know About Estimation 

4. Are We Supposed to Negotiate on Projects.?

5. How and Why Do We Write Project Charters?

6. Kick-Starting your Projects - the Scope Definition Perspective

7. Defining the Detailed Scope : How and Where Do you Find Requirements ?

8. Who Needs Creativity in projects and how Do You Cultivate It?

9. How Do you Incorporate Scope Definition into project Management.?

10. How Do you Write a Great Project plan ?

11. How Do You Troubleshoot Scope Problems.?

12. Who Needs Walkthroughs, Inspections, and Peer Reviews?

13. Why Should you Manage Scope and Customer Expectations?

14. Why Invest Time and Effort in the Lessons Learned Document?

15. How Do You Select the Best Projects?

16. How and Why Do you Need to Maximize Portfolio Value?

17. How and Why Do You Need to Balance Your Project Mix?

18. How and Why Do you Need to Link Portfolio to Strategy?

19. How Do You Implement It All?