Chapter 1: Introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max 2019

Chapter 2: Primitive Objects-I

Chapter 3: Primitive Objects-II

Chapter 4: Working with Splines-I

Chapter 5: Working with Splines-II

Chapter 6: Lofting, Twisting, and Deforming Objects

Chapter 7: Material Editor: Creating Materials

Chapter 8: Material Editor: Textures Map-I

Chapter 9: Material Editor: Textures Map-II

Chapter 10: Material Editor: Controlling Textures Map

Chapter 11: Material Editor: Miscellaneous Materials

Chapter 12: Interior Lighting-I

Chapter 13: Interior Lighting-II

Chapter 14: Animation Basics

Chapter 15: Complex Animation

Chapter 16: Rendering

Chapter 17: Creating Walkthrough

Project 1: Creating a Windmill

Project 2: Creating a Diner

Project 1: Architectural Project

Project 1: Corporate Design Project

Project 1: Creating a Computer Center

Student Project