Part I Introducing Visual Studio 2015
1 A Quick Tour of Visual Studio 2015 1
2 The Visual Studio IDE 
3 The .NET Languages

Part II An In-Depth Look at the IDE
4 Solutions and Projects 
5 Browsers and Explorers 
6 Introducing the Editors and Designers

Part III Working with the Visual Studio Tools
7 Working with Visual Studio’s Productivity Aids 
8 Testing Code 
9 Refactoring Code 
10 Debugging Code 
11 Deploying Code 
12 Developing Applications in the Cloud with Windows Azure 
13 Working with Databases

Part IV Extending Visual Studio
14 Introducing the Automation Object Model 
15 Extending the IDE 651
16 Extending the Code Editor

Part V Building Web Applications

17 Building Modern Websites with ASP.NET 5 
18 Using JavaScript and Client-Side Frameworks 
19 Building and Consuming Services with Web API and WCF

Part VI Building Windows Client Apps
20 Building Windows Forms Applications 
21 Building WPF Applications 
22 Developing Office Business Applications

Part VII Creating Mobile Apps
23 Developing Windows Store Applications 
24 Creating Windows Phone Applications 
25 Writing Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Apache Cordova 

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