Chapter has been designed to create a deep and lasting impression on readers mind. Object Oriented Programming has been covered in detail to give a strong foundation for Java programming. Well thought out and fully working example programs and carefully crafted exercises of this book, cover every aspect of Java programming. Well through out and finally working examples, and carefully crafted exercises of this book, covers every aspect of Java programming. Some of the highlighting features of this book are: · Data types & control instructions · object Oriented Programming · classes & objects · arrays & strings · inheritance & polymorphism · interfaces · packages · exception handling · effective IO · multithreading & Synchronisation · generics · collection classes · GUI using swing · database connectivity using JDBC table of Contents: an overview of Java getting started more about data types decision control instruction loop control instruction case control instruction functions advanced features of functions introduction to OOP classes and objects arrays strings and enums inheritance polymorphism exception handling effective input/ output multithreading in Java generics collection classes user interfaces JDBC index.