3ds Max Modeling Bots, Mechs, and Droids

Jon Weimer

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ISBN: 9788183332736
Authors: Jon Weimer
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: September 2017
Pages: 809
Dimension: 23 X 15.5 X 3 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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3ds Max Modeling: Bots, Mechs, and Droids offer an unparalleled, project-based learning strategy for anyone who is interested in modeling with 3ds Max. From the very first pages, readers will discover how to use Max toolset to create sophisticated models, including a spider bot, hunter-killer, battle mech, and android.

  • Learn how to use the 3ds Max toolset without relying on third-party plug-ins.
  • Watch the progression of the models through hundreds of screen captures, also available in full color on the companion DVD.
  • Take advantage of the book’s learn-as-you-go approach to creating a variety of intricate robotic models with 3ds Max.

On the DVD: 

  • Full - color, expanded chapter demonstrating how to model an android.  
  • Ten hours of video tutorials including a 17-part tutorial from 3-d Palace on modeling a sentinel bot from the movie The Matrix.
  • Full-color versions of the images in the book.

Introduction To Max...

Chapter 1. Spider Bot...

Chapter 2. Hunter - Killer...

Chapter 3. The Battle Mech...

Chapter 4. Maxi The Android...


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