51 Projects Using CD 4011

M.C. Sharma

SKU: 9788183331197

Rs. 150
51 Projects Using CD 4011, authored by M. C. Sharma, is a useful book for students in the Electrical and Electronics field. It will be essential for students who have taken up subjects like Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering.About BPB Publications BPB Publications is one of Asia¬¢≈°â€ Äû¬∂¬¢≈°â€ Äû¬ªÀ܆Äö¬¢≈°∆í¬∂¬¢≈°â€ Äû¬≤¬¢≈°∆í¬∂¬¢≈°∆í†İ¬¢≈°â€ Äû¬∂†àܬ≠À܆Äö¬¢≈°∆í¬∂¬¥¬¢≈°â€ Äû¬∂†àܬ≠À܆Äö ¬¢≈°â€ Äû¬¢s most famous publishing houses. They develop and publish quality computer books, CD-ROMs/DVDs, electronic books, software and peripherals. Their educational books conform to the latest syllabus and exam patterns prescribed by various universities. The books published by them are compiled and authored by the experts in their respective fields. Some of the books published under their banner are Modern Computer SMPS Circuits & Fault Finding with Double Colour PCB Layout, SQL, PL/SQL: The Programming Language of Oracle, Basic Computer Course Made Simple, VB .NET Made Simple: Programs and Project, and Let Us C

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