A Level Basics of OS, Unix and Shell Programming A8-R4)

Prof.Satish Jain, Veenita Patil, Kratika Ambrish K Rai

SKU: 9788183333535

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ISBN: 9788183333535
Authors: Prof.Satish Jain, Veenita Patil, Kratika Ambrish K Rai
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2011
Pages: 208 pages
Dimension: 20 x 14 x 4 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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This book presents a detailed discussion on basics of Operating system, Linux commands, utilities and Shell programming in easy-to-understand language.andConcepts of process management and Investigation, Linux file system, System configuration tools, Shell features, Standard input /output, piping and wildcards, vim-advance text editor, X-Window system and text processing tools are discussed in such a manner that students of all streams namely arts, commerce and science can easily understand such complex subjects without any difficulty.andBash shell and its configuration, file processing and advance topics in user groups and permission are portrayed in a very comprehensive manner to build a strong foundation.andShell programming is explained with maximum number of examples.
Jain S,Pillai V, Kratika, Rai A

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