Advanced C++

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Rs. 360
ISBN: 9788176569750
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: Jan 2005
Pages: 437
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Advanced C++ introduces you to the advanced concepts C++ such as data structures, networking and accessing oracle using C++, This book is written to cater to the students of various recognized Indian Universities, pursuing PGDCA, BCA/MCA, and DOEACC A Level courses.  

Salient Features of the Book:

  • Understanding the implementation of data structures using linked lists through C++.
  • Understanding stacks and queues through C++.
  • A detailed description of sorting, searching hashing and graphs through C++
  • Understanding graphics under C++.
  • Understanding image processing and animation through C++.
  • Overview and implementation of network applications created through C++.
  • Understanding database programming using oracle through C++  

Chapter 1. Introduction to Data Structure

Chapter 2. Using Trees in C++

Chapter 3. Implementing Sorting C++

Chapter 4. Implementing Searching And Hashing C++

Chapter 5. Implementing Graphics in C++

Chapter 6. Introduction to Graphics

Chapter 7. Graphic Application in C++

Chapter 8. Network Programming

Chapter 9. Database Programming in C++  


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