AutoCAD Pocket Reference

Cheryl R. Shrock

SKU: 9788183333665

Rs. 270

ISBN: 9788183333665
Authors: Cheryl R. Shrock
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2010
Dimension: 18 X 12 X 1.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

This is Right References For You If...

  • You need help in using the right commands at work or in the classroom.
  • You need a compact reference that you can take with you anywhere.
  • You Want a reference that lets you locate what you need quickly and easily.
  • You need a reference that includes all basic AutoCAD commands and concepts.

Section 1. Action Commands

Section 2. Concepts

Section 3. Dimensioning

Section 4. Drawing Entities

Section 5. How to......

Section 6. Layers

Section 7. Input Options

Section 8. Miscellaneous

Section 9. Plotting

Section 10. Settings

Section 11. Text

Section 12. UCS

Section 13. Constraints

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