Autodesk 3ds Max 2019: A Beginners Guide

Prof. Sham Tickoo

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ISBN: 9789388511186
Authors: Prof. Sham Tickoo
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2019
Pages: 608
Dimension: 24x18.5x3cm
Book Type: Paperback

Autodesk 3ds Max 2019: A beginners Guide textbook is a tutorial-based textbook that introduces the readers to 3ds Max 2019, the world’s leading animation and 3D modeling package. In this textbook, the author emphasis on the 3D modeling package and animation techniques that improves the productivity and efficiency of the users. The chapters are structured in a pedagogical sequence that makes this textbook very effective in learning the features and capabilities of the software. 

The salient features of the textbook are as follows:

Tutorial Approach: The author has adopted the tutorial point-of-view and the learn-by-doing approach throughout the textbook. This approach helps to learn the process of creating 3D models and animations quickly and efficiently. 

Projects Based on Real-World Models: The author has used 5 projects based on a real-world model that allows the user to apply the skills learned. In addition, there are 24 exercises and one student project that can be used by the readers to assess their knowledge. 

Tips and Notes: Additional information is provided to the users in the form of tips and notes. 

Learning Objectives: The first page of every chapter summarizes the topics that are covered in the chapter. 

Covers: 3D Modelling, Modifiers, Materials and Maps, Lighting, Cameras, Animations, Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max 2019

Chapter 2: Primitive Objects-I

Chapter 3: Primitive Objects-II

Chapter 4: Working with Splines-I

Chapter 5: Working with Splines-II

Chapter 6: Lofting, Twisting, and Deforming Objects

Chapter 7: Material Editor: Creating Materials

Chapter 8: Material Editor: Textures Map-I

Chapter 9: Material Editor: Textures Map-II

Chapter 10: Material Editor: Controlling Textures Map

Chapter 11: Material Editor: Miscellaneous Materials

Chapter 12: Interior Lighting-I

Chapter 13: Interior Lighting-II

Chapter 14: Animation Basics

Chapter 15: Complex Animation

Chapter 16: Rendering

Chapter 17: Creating Walkthrough

Project 1: Creating a Windmill

Project 2: Creating a Diner

Project 1: Architectural Project

Project 1: Corporate Design Project

Project 1: Creating a Computer Center

Student Project


Prof. Sham Tickoo

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