Autodesk Maya 2020 for 3D Artists

Prof. Sham Tickoo

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ISBN: 9789389898910
Authors: Prof. Sham Tickoo
Rights: India
Publishing Date: September 2020
Pages: 652
Dimension: 7.25*9.25
Book Type: Paperback

Autodesk Maya 2020 for 3D Artists textbook introduces the readers to Maya 2020t, one of the world’s leading animation and 3D modelling packages. In this textbook, the author has explained important features of Maya in simple and effective manner. This helps the reader to create stunning animation and visual effects with ease. Also, the chapters are structured in pedagogical sequences that makes this textbook very effective in learning the features and capabilities of the software. In this edition, new tools and enhancements in modelling, animation, rigging as well as performance improvements in bifrost is covered. Additionally, the newly introduced Mash module, which is used for creating motion graphics, is also covered in the book. 


Comprehensive Guide book covering features of Autodesk Maya 2020


  • Tutorial point of view and the learn-by-doing approach
  • 37 real-world modeling and animation projects as tutorials
  • Exercises which are based on real-world 3D modeling and animation projects
  • Additional information is provided to the users in the form of tips and notes
  • The text in this book is heavily illustrated with about 1500 diagrams and screen capture images
  • Self-evaluation test, review questions, and exercises


Textbook covers all features of Autodesk Maya 2020 in a simple, lucid, and comprehensive manner. It aims at harnessing the power of Autodesk Maya 2020 for 3D and visual effects artists and designers. This textbook will help you transform your imagination into reality with ease.


With lots of features and thorough review, the author presents a book to caters to the need of both novice and advanced users of Maya 2020 and is ideally suited for learning at your convenience and at your pace.

  1. Exploring Maya Interface
  2. Polygon Modeling
  3. NURBS Curves and Surfaces
  4. NURBS Modeling
  5. UV Mapping
  6. Shading and Texturing
  7. Lighting
  8. Animation
  9. Rigging, Constraints, and Deformers
  10. Paint Effects
  11. Rendering
  12. Particle System
  13. Introduction to nParticles
  14. Fluids
  15. nHair
  16. Bifrost
  17. Bullet Physics and Motion Graphics

Prof. Sham Tickoo is currently working as a Professor at Purdue University, USA. He received MS in Industrial Technology from Northern Illinois University, Illinois, USA; MS in Industrial and Management Engineering from the University of lowa, lowa City, USA; and BS in Mechanical Engineering from NIT, Srinagar, India. Before joining Purdue University in 1987, Prof. Tickoo has worked as a Design Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, and Software Developer. Prof. Tickoo has authored/co-authored textbooks on several major CAD/CAE/Animation software packages like ANSYS, SolidWorks, CATIA, Pro/Engineer, NX, AutoCAD, Customizing AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Solid Edge, 3ds Max, 3ds Max Design, Autodesk Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, and VIZ. In addition to North America. His textbooks have been translated and published in Russia, Japan, India, South Korea, and Serbia. Prof. Tickoo has obtained over $24 Million software grant form ANSYS, IBM, and Siemens.

In 2003, Prof. Tickoo was awarded a US patent for one of his invention “Self Adjusting Cargo Organizer for Vehicles”. He is currently working on the design and fabrication of two new wind turbines that will significantly increase their power output and can be used to charge the batteries of an automobile. Prof. Tickoo is actively involved in consulting and has served as a consultant to over fifty companies in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, California, and Canada.

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