Basic Physics

Prof. G.C. Trigunayat

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ISBN: 9788183334617
Authors: Prof. G.C. Trigunayat
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2012
Pages: 618
Dimension: 27.5 X 21.5 X 2.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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    The book attempts to describe the subject matter in minimum words, without sacrificing on necessary details. Most of the books for class XII physics students, based on CBSE syllabus, which are presently available in the market, have a frightening size, running into about 1500 pages or more. in the present book, any superfluous material or repetitions have been avoided. Thus a compact book consisting of less than 650 pages has been produced.

    The book is equally useful to the engineering and medical streams of students, as also to the candidates taking the entrance examinations for these streams.

    Chapter 1 A : Electrostatic Charges, Force & Field

    Chapter 1 B : Electric Potential, Flux and Capacitance

    Chapter 2 A : Electric Current, Voltage, Resistance and their measurement

    Chapter 2 B : Electric Energy and Power, Electrolytes

    Chapter 3 A : Magnetic Effects Of Current

    Chapter 3 B : Modern Magnetism

    Chapter 4 A : Electromagnetic Induction; Self & Mutual Inductance

    Chapter 4 B : Alternating Current, AC & DC Generators and Transformer

    Chapter 5 : Electromagnetic Waves

    Chapter 6 A : Ray Optics; Reflection; Optical Instruments

    Chapter 6 B : Wave Optics; Huygens' Construction; Interference; Diffraction; polarization

    Chapter 7 : Dual natural Of Radiation and Matter

    Chapter 8 A : Composition & Properties of Nucleus; Radioactivity

    Chapter 8 B: Nuclear Forces, Nuclear Fission & Fusion

    Chapter 9 A : Energy bands In Solid; Semiconductors

    Chapter 9 B : Semiconductor Devices

    Chapter 10 : Communication System

    G.C. Trigunayat

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