BPB Computer Course

Paul Wray

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ISBN: 9788176564649
Authors: Paul Wray
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2002
Pages: 218
Dimension: 24 X 18 X 1 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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This book is designed to provide a basic introduction to computers using MS windows 98 Windows 2000 or Windows Millennium Edition and MS Office 2000.
Topic 1 introduces you to some of the features of:
Windows 98 Windows2000 and Windows Millennium (ME).It introduces the desktop My Computer and Windows Explorer.
Topic 2-5 cover the basics of Office 2000 and important features of the following four applications:
Word 2000 a word processing program used for creating and editing documents.Excel 2000 a spreadsheet program used for analyses and graphing of numerical data. PowerPoint 2000 a program used to create presentations that can be reproduced as overhead transparencies of given as a slide show with a computer projector. Access 2000 a database program used for organizing and sorting information.


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Introduction to Computers

1. Topic 1 : Introduction to Windows

Exercise 1:Get Started with Windows

Exercise 2: Learn Windows Basics

Exercise 3: Use My Computer

Exercise 4: Use Windows Explorer

Exercise 5: Manage Files with Windows Explorer

2. Topic 2: MS Office 2000 Basics and Word

Exercise 1: Learn Office Basics

Exercise 2: Become Familiar with Word 2000

Exercise 3: Format Document

Exercise 4: Use Proofing and Editing Tools

Exercise 5: Use Bullets and Numbers; Cut ,Copy, and Paste

3. Topic 3: MS Excel 2000

Exercise 1: Get Started With Excel

Exercise 2: Work with Ranges, and Data Format

Exercise 3: Use Functions

4. Topic 4.MS PowerPoint 2000

5. Topic 5.MS Access 2000

Paul Wray

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