Business Applications Using Computers

Ramachandran Nambissan

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ISBN: 9788176567053
Authors: Ramachandran Nambissan
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2003
Pages: 326
Dimension: 24 X 18 X 1.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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Extensive Case Studies On How To Develop Various Computerized Business Applications. This book is intended for such aspiring students who wish to learn how to computerize the different systems normally seen in a commercial organization. A brief description of the various terminologies used in business is given in the book at the appropriate places. Data base tables needed for development of the systems included, their layouts, input screen designs, output screen layouts, reports emanating from the system and process logic are discussed in detail using structured system analysis and design tools like flowcharts, data flow diagrams etc.  

1. Introduction

2. Accounting System

3. Inventory Control System

4. A Payroll

5. A Computerised Banking System

6. An Examination Result Publication System

7. A Video CD Library Management System

8. An Introduction to Hospital Management System

9. Computerised Invoicing and Sales System  

Ramachandran Nambissan T.M

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