C In Depth - 3rd Edition

S.K.Srivastava, Deepali Srivastava

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ISBN: 9788183330480
Authors: S.K.Srivastava, Deepali Srivastava
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: June 2009
Pages: 497
Dimension: 24 X 18 X 2 cm
Book Type: Paperback
The Book explains each topic in depth without compromising the lucidity of the text and programs. This approach makes this book suitable for both novices and advanced programmers; the well-structured programs are easily understandable by the beginners and useful for the experienced programmers. The book can be used as tool for self-study as it provides step by step explanation and comes with solutions of all exercises. It explains all the basic concepts and doesn’t assume that you know how to program. New features in the 3rd edition include a chapter on Recursion, through explanation of Bitwise Manipulation, new and improved programming examples, lots of new exercises ranging in difficulty, solutions to all the exercises and a CD that includes the code of all the programming examples and exercises. The book contains about 310 well explained programming examples to drive the concepts home and nearly 450 exercises which include many interesting and challenging programming exercises that will help you to sharpen your programming skill. The chapter on project development and library creation can help students in implementing their knowledge.
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Elements of C
Chapter 3 : Input-Output in C
Chapter 4 : Operators and Expressions
Chapter 5 : Control Statements
Chapter 6 : Functions
Chapter 7 : Recursion
Chapter 8 : Arras
Chapter 9 : Pointers
Chapter 10 : Strings
Chapter 11 : Structure and Union
Chapter 12 : Files
Chapter 13 : The C Preprocessor
Chapter 14 : Operations on Bits
Chapter 15 : Miscellaneous Features 
Chapter 16 : Building Project and Creation of Library
Chapter  17 : Code Optimization in C
Chapter  18 : C and Assembly Interaction
Chapter 19 : Library Functions
S.K Srivastava Deepali Srivastava

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