C# to IL

Sonal Mukhi

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ISBN: 9789812140418
Authors: Sonal Mukhi
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2001
Pages: 503
Dimension: 24 X 19 X 2.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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    This book is a must –read for anyone who wants to understand what the.NET world is all about, particularly the concepts of the path –breaking MSIL.


    Chapter 1.  Introduction to Microsoft’s IL

    Chapter 2.  IL Basics  

    Chapter 3. Selection and Iteration  

    Chapter 4. Keywords and Operators  

    Chapter 5. Operator Overloading  

    Chapter 6. Reference and Value Types  

    Chapter 7. Pointers  

    Chapter 8. Methods  

    Chapter 9. Properties and Indexes  

    Chapter 10. Exception Handling  

    Chapter 11. Delegates and Events  

    Chapter 12. Arrays  

    Chapter 13. The Other Odds and Ends  

    Chapter 14. External DLLs  

    Chapter 15. A GUI Application in IL    

    Appendix 1

    • Managed C++  

    Appendix 2      

    • Demystifying ildasm.exe  


    Vijay Mukhi Akash Saraf Sonal Mukhi

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