Artificial Intelligence 10: Projects and Practical Book

S P Verma

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ISBN: 9789391392901
eISBN: 9789391392987
Authors: S P Verma
Rights: India
Publishing Date: September 2021
Pages: 268
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

A perfect textbook to conduct AI Projects, Practical and Activities for enhancing coding skills and inculcating 21st Century Skills among learners


  • Strictly written according to the syllabus as prescribed by CBSE.
  • Explains the concepts of Python Advance with proper examples in lucid language.
  • Incorporates pictorial setup in presenting the content by using tables, charts, graphs, pictures, photographs, etc.
  • Illustrates a good number of Solved Python Coding problems with some unsolved problems too.
  • Viva and MCQs (Chapter wise).
  • A special chapter for bright learners.
  • Two Annexure providing extra useful information.


Book is essential to get 100% marks in practical and projects in the subject Artificial Intelligence (Code 417). It takes the learners through all the essential theoretical concepts of Python advance as per the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE followed by activities, practical and Python Coding/Programs for a large number of problems (solved and unsolved). It is written in lucid language and the content is presented in activity-based mode. The content flow essentially contains concepts clearance through different tables, charts, graphs, pictures, photographs, etc.

It is almost the first publication of its kind, i.e., a publication dedicated to enhance the technical skills (computing/coding) of the learners and empowering them in essential 21st Century Life Skills including creativity, innovation, critical thinking, teamwork, working in a diversified environment, etc. through activities, practical and projects. The book will also serve all other learners interested in learning Python coding/programs.

Furthermore, this book highlights all the necessary topics and subtopics related to the subject according to the age group of the learners to make them tech-savvy futuristic world citizens.  


  • Concepts of Python Advance as per the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE.
  • Hands-on experience with practical aspects of all python concepts.
  • Tools and techniques for participating in activities, practicals and projects actively.
  • Practical experience in preparing Python coding/programs for different problems.


Class X students of CBSE schools and any other learner interested in learning Python Codes. 

1 Concept of Python Advance

2 Guidelines for Conducting Activities, Practical and Projects

3 Coding Programs Based on Python

4 Activities and Practical

5 Viva Questions

6 MCQs

7 Python Coding Programs for Bright Learners

8 Annexure1: Guidelines for Making Project-file

9 Annexure 2: AI Terminology

S P Verma has been working in the field of education since last 35 years. As a seasoned educationist, teacher trainer, career counsellor, academic auditor, motivator, mentor, author and editor, he has authored 55 school books, 6 research papers, 10 research articles, more than 70 articles on careers and edited more than 200 educational products. More than 20k educators (teachers and principals) attended his training sessions across the country. More than 200k students were career counselled and inspired to take right career plan by him. Formerly holding the positions as principal,Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, New Delhi; Regional Director, TeacherSity, New Delhi; Regional Director, iDC, New Delhi; Director (School Trg),Vidya Institute of Training and Development,VKP, Meerut; he is now serving as Director (Trg and Innovation),GEM Foundations, Bengaluru. Besides Associate Life Member of Computer Society of India (CSI), he is associated with a number of professional bodies as Life Member, like  Vigyan Parishad, Allahabad; Hindi Vigyan Sahitya Parishad,BARC,Mumbai; PTAI, New Delhi, etc.

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