Data Structures Made Simple

Prof. Satish Jain, Shashi Singh

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ISBN: 9788183331227
Authors: Satish Jain, Shashi Singh
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: December 2006
Pages: 393
Dimension: 23.5 X 18 X 1.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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This book presents a detailed discussion on concepts for Data Structures and their Impimentation using algorithms, digrams and writing programs in 'C' language. A detailed discussion for working with Data Structures like linked lists, stcks, queues, trees and graphs are given in a clear and simple manner. Different techniques for searching and sorting the arrays are discussed in a manner that students of various ina manner that students of various streams can easily comprehend such complex topics. Features - Subject matter is explained in simple English using many diagrams, examples and algorithms. - Set of objective and descriptive questions with suggested answers are added at the end of each chapter so that the readers can evaluate their progress by comparing their answers with the sugested answers iven in the book. - A comprehennsive index is included for quick and easy access to all the topics in the book, thus reducing the reader's valuable time in searching for any topic - A glossary of numerous technical terms is included for easy undestanding of the subject matter.

Chapter 1: Algorithms (Analysis and Design)

Chapter 2: Data Representation (Basic Concepts)

Chapter 3: Arrays

Chapter 4: Linked Lists

Chapter 4: Stacks and Queues

Chapter 6: Trees

Chapter 7: Searching and Sorting

Chapter 8: Graphs

Satish Jain, Shashi Singh

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