Data Warehousing 101 Concepts and Implementation

Arshad Khan

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ISBN: 9788183331814
Authors: A. Khan
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Publishing Date: December 2010
Dimension: 21 x 15 x 0.6 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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Data Warehousing 101: Concepts and Implementation will appeal to those planning data warehouse projects, senior executives, project managers, and project implementation team members. It will also be useful to functional managers, business analysts, developers, power users, and end-users. Data Warehousing 101: Concepts and Implementation, which can be used as a textbook in an introductory data warehouse course, can also be used as a supplemental text in IT courses that cover the subject of data warehousing. Data Warehousing 101: Concepts and Implementation reviews the evolution of data warehousing and its growth drivers, process and architecture, data warehouse characteristics and design, data marts, multi-dimensionality, and OLAP. It also shows how to plan a data warehouse project as well as build and operate data warehouses. Data Warehousing 101: Concepts and Implementation also covers, in depth, common failure causes and mistakes and provides useful guidelines and tips for avoiding common mistakes.

Chapter 1: Understanding Decision Support Systems 

Chapter 2: Evolution of Data Warehousing

Chapter 3: Data Warehouse Characteristics and Design

Chapter 4: Process and Architecture 

Chapter 5: Data Migration 

Chapter 6: Infrastructure, Tools and Vendor Selection

Chapter 7: Data Marts 

Chapter 8: Multi-dimensionality 

Chapter 9: OLAP 

Chapter 10: Planning a Data Warehouse Project 

Chapter 11: Building and Operating a Data Warehouse

Chapter 12: Failure Causes and Common Mistakes

Chapter 13: Guidelines, Tips and Trends  


A. Khan

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