Exploring RISA - 3D 14.0

Prof. Sham Tickoo

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ISBN: 9789386551085
Authors: Prof. Sham Tickoo
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2017
Pages: 202
Dimension: 24 X 19 X 1 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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This textbook is written to help the readers effectively use design and analysis tools. This textbook explains the concepts and principles of RISA-3D through elaborated description, examples and tutorials. This enables users to harness the power of structural designing with RISA-3D for their specific use. In this textbook, the chapters are arranged in pedagogical sequence that makes it very effective in learning the features and capabilities of the software.

Chapter 1 : Introduction To RISA - 3D

Chapter 2 : Getting Started With RISA - 3D

Chapter 3 :Modeling

Chapter 4 : Loads

Chapter 5 : Boundary Conditions

Chapter 6 : Performing Analysis and Specifying Design Parameters

Chapter 7 : Viewing Results and Preparing Report


Prof. Sham Tickoo

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