Generative AI for Enterprises

Vishal Anand

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Authors: Vishal Anand
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Edition: 2024
Pages: 192
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Generative AI can streamline technical and business processes, increase efficiency, and free up your resources’ time to focus on more strategic initiatives. This book takes the readers through a series of steps to deepen their understanding of the forces that shape an organization’s implementation of Generative AI at scale and successfully dealing with them. 

This book starts with GenAI potential uses, challenges and enterprise deployment strategies. You will learn to scale GenAI models along with LLMOps, choose the right LLM, and use prompt engineering and fine-tuning to customize the outputs. This book introduces a GenAI operating system as well as an orchestration platform for workflow automation. It discusses ethical considerations, designing a target operating model, cost optimization, Retrieval-augmented Generation (RAG), Model as a Service (MaaS), and Confidential AI. Finally, it explores the future of multi-modal AI assistants in enterprises.

This book makes it easier for readers to debunk myths, and address fallacies and common misconceptions that could harm organizational investment and reputation. There are also practical and enterprise class scenarios and information that could help in improving implementations, within your organization, enabling you to achieve success beyond scaling challenges.


  • Understand challenges and dimensions of model at scale.
  • Understand model selection criteria, deployment patterns, and positioning. 
  • Design operating system and demarcation of landing zones.
  • Understand enterprise application of prompt engineering and fine-tuning.
  • Understand operating model, orchestration platform, multi AI assistants and ethical considerations.
  • Understand various latency factors for Gen AI solutions.


  • Strategies for scaling GenAI models and discovering LLMOps for managing them.
  • How to leverage GenAI to streamline enterprise class processes, boost efficiency, and explore new possibilities.
  • Implementations in the enterprise class deployments, addressing potential issues and connecting with enablers and accurate growth strategy and execution principles. 


This book is for decision makers like CIOs, CTOs, CAIOs, Enterprise Architects, Chief Engineers, and anyone who wishes to learn how to have a rewarding implementation of Generative AI for their organizations and clients. 

  1. The rise of generative AI in enterprises
  2. Complex needs of production 
  3. Model selection for enterprises 
  4. Model deployment for enterprises
  5. Operating system for enterprises 
  6. Prompt engineering for enterprises 
  7. Fine-tuning for enterprises 
  8. Orchestration of generative AI workflows  
  9. Six ethical dimensions for enterprises 
  10. Designing a target operating model 
  11. Cost optimization strategies 
  12. Retrieval-augmented generation for enterprises 
  13. Model as a service for enterprises
  14. Confidential AI 
  15. Latency in generative AI solutions
  16. Multi-modal multi-agentic assistant framework 

Vishal has 21+ years of ingenuity experience in the field of IT, performing various technical leadership roles across the globe spanning from delivery, architecture, solutioning, offerings, product engineering, and hybrid cloud transformation. He works with IBM as Global Chief Technologist for hybrid cloud and generative AI transformation, serving global clients across industries. He is an IBM Master Inventor with many patented inventions. He is also an Open Group Certified Distinguished Architect, IBM Certified Thought Leader Architect, Fellow of the British Computer Society, and Top Voice on AI. 

Disclaimer: Views presented in the book are entirely his own, and not necessarily those of IBM. 

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