Guide to Computer in Business Management (Q&A)

Prof. Satish Jain

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ISBN: 9788183331654
Authors: Prof. Satish Jain
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2006
Pages: 313
Dimension: 21.5 X 14 X 1.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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This Guide includes the Questions and Answers most likely to be asked in the MBA and PGDBMS courses. It has eighteen Chapters and each Chapter contains important questions with their answers. This guide covers questions related to PC Basics, Windows XP, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Besides this, it also contains questions related to Computer Virus, Computer Networking, Management Information system (MIS). Internet and Information System Security. Separate chapters on hardware/software selection and Project Scheduling are also added. This guide will prove helpful for answering questions asked in various IT related theory and practical examinations conducted by Universities and Business Management Colleges. A Glossary of numerous technical terms is included at the end of this guide for easy understanding of the subject matter.

Chapter 1: Computer Appreciation

Chapter 2: Windows XP

Chapter 3: Word

Chapter 4: Excel

Chapter 5:  PowerPoint

Chapter 6: Data Processing and Programming Techniques

Chapter 7: Database Management System

Chapter 8: Structured Query Language (SQL) Using Oracle SQL *PLUS

Chapter 9: Computer Communication Networks

Chapter 10: Computer Viruses

Chapter 11: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Chapter 12: Planning and Working with Management Information system

Chapter 13: MIS Design and Implementation

Chapter 14: MIS in Business Functional Areas

Chapter 15: Information system Security

Chapter 16: Hardware/Software Selection and Computer Contract

Chapter 17: Software Project Scheduling

Chapter 18: Internet Explorer

Prof. Satish Jain

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