IBM DB2 Administration Guide

A S Bluck

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Authors: A S Bluck
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Publishing Date: 9th Aug 2022
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Guidance for successful installation of a wide range of IBM Software


  • Precise and step-by-step guidance for installation and configuration of IBM DB2 Solutions.
  • Specially Designed and Personalized for IT consultants and Systems and Solution Architects.
  • Includes illustrations and simplified guidelines for data developers and analysts for successful implementation.


IT professionals and software architects are overloaded with knowledge due to the rapid advancement of technology and the launch of new Cloud-based services.  This book provides helpful instructions for installing and configuring IBM Database on multiple operating systems and enterprise platforms. The book's troubleshooting sections are designed to increase IT support productivity and speed up problem resolution. 

Software Architects, Installation specialists, database developers, and IBM Document, Case, and Workflow management software developers can all benefit from this book. This book offers a centralised resource that discusses the most recent version of IBM software that readers can use on the most recent versions of Red Hat Linux and IBM Cloud platforms.

This book is intended to provide a thorough introduction that will allow an IT expert to understand the installation of a wide range of IBM Software products. It includes information on online references and step-by-step processes for installing a wide range of IBM Software products.


  • Identify the prerequisite DB2 version for IBM Software Application Systems.
  • Identify Server platform versions, disc, memory, and network resources for DB2 and DB2 Graph installation.
  • Detect the DB2 prerequisite version necessary for installation on various server setups.
  • Install DB2 for Docker Container, RedHat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Private system 3.2.0 (Community Edition), and IBM Cloud.
  • Install DB2Graph Containers for analysis using Apache "TinkerPop" Graph Computing Framework.
  • Enable entire DB2 administration for backup and recovery of systems.


This book is intended for IT consultants, Solution Architects, System Developers, and Data Professionals with rudimentary technological knowledge. The book is also an excellent resource for banking and insurance experts creating database solutions for their companies.

  1. Getting started with IBM Resources for DB2
  2. On-Premise Server Configurations and Prerequisites
  3. IBM CloudPAK Systems
  4. IBM DB2 Installation Platforms
  5. IBM Workflow Center 8.6 for IBM BAW 18.0 Database Creation
  6. IBM DB2 Graph Installation with the Use of IBM Cloud CLI and Containers
  7. Supporting IBM System Components
  8. DB2 10.5 and DB2 11.5 Installation
  9. Upgrade of IBM FileNet Systems from DB2 10.5 to the Latest DB2 11.5
  10. Jupyter Notebook
  11. DB2 Administration and Java Programs

Alan Bluck is a systems architect providing a broad range of services, with over 45 years of IT Experience. He has been a Solutions Architect for IBM for over 10 years. This year, he was elected an IBM Champion (2022). His experience includes high level technical design, through mentoring for code development and installation and configuration of IBM's core products. He is responsible for high-level analysis and configuration on existing and new IBM Systems. He is also responsible for mentoring and troubleshooting high-level systems and issues, ensuring that scheduled timelines are maintained and deadlines are met. He has over 45 years of software development experience in both Business and Scientific systems; 5 years' experience as a Project Manager / Analyst Developer, 11 years as a Software Development Manager for a team of 12 Software Engineers, 11 years as a Technical Consultant, 16 years as a Systems Architect and 5 years as the founding Director of ASB Software Development Limited. He has two recent IBM Certifications for "The IBM DataFirst Method" and "Hybrid Cloud 2016" courses. He has a B.Sc in Biochemistry from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom. He is a Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) and is a Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP). He is also a British Computer Society (BCS) Digital IT Apprentice End Point Assessor (for Software Development).

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