Informatics Practices Vol 2 CBSE-Class XII Code 065

Prof. Satish Jain, Shashi Singh

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ISBN: 9788183334761
Authors: Prof. Satish Jain, Shashi Singh
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2003
Pages: 200
Dimension: 24 X 18.5 X 2.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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    This book is designed to give an insight to the art and science of computers. The book does not expect any special background to comprehend the subject matter. This book covers the entire course contents of this book for class XII prescribed by CBSE in a clear and simple language. The book covers the subject matter in four units.

    Special Features:

    Ample number of diagrams are used to illustrate the subject matter for very easy understanding of subject matter for easy understanding. Solved exercises are added at the end of each chapter so that the readers can evaluate their progress by comparing their answers with the answers given in the book. Summary and Glossary of terms related to particular chapter are given at the end of each chapter. sample papers and Previous years Questions papers are included at the end of book.

    1. Chapter 1 : Computer Networking
    2. Chapter 2 : Open Source Concepts
    3. Chapter 3 : GUI Programming - A Review
    4. Chapter 4 : Introduction To Classes and Methods
    5. Chapter 5 : Commonly Used Libraries
    6. Chapter 6 : Database Connectivity and Web Application Development 
    7. Chapter 7 : Introduction To HTML and XML
    8. Chapter 8 : Review of RDBMS and MySQL
    9. Chapter 9 : Working With Group Functions, Multiple Tables and Constraints
    10. Chapter 10 : Database Transactions
    11. Chapter 11 : IT Applications
    Prof. Satish Jain, Shashi Singh

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