Information Technology

Asok K. Nadhani

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    ISBN: 9788183333061
    Authors: Asok K. Nadhani
    Rights: Worldwide
    Publishing Date:
    Pages: 160
    Dimension: 24 X 18.5 X 1 cm
    Book Type: Paperback

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    CA students normally have a fear psychosis about a subject on Technology. So, attempt has been made to keep the topics short, simple, organised and focused.

    The book explains the concept in simple language laying stress on impact of the technology on Accountancy, Business Management, Information System, Communication and security aspects of any business enterprise. The technical matters has have consciously avoided to keep the subject simple and objective for students.

    Chapter 1 : Evolution of Computers

    Chapter 2 : Computer System

    Chapter 3 : Storage System

    Chapter 4 : Input & Output Devices

    Chapter 5 : Software 

    Chapter 6 : Data and Data Base

    Chapter 7 : Numbers System in Computer

    Chapter 8 : Networks

    Chapter 9 : Data Centre & Security

    Chapter 10 : Internet and Emerging Technology

    Chapter 11 : Flowcharting

    Chapter 12 : Decision Table 


    Asok K. Nadhani


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