Installation and Configuration of IBM Watson Analytics and StoredIQ

Alan Bluck

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ISBN: 9789390684496
eISBN: 9789390684502
Authors: Alan Bluck
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: April 2021
Pages: 664
Dimension: 7.50 x 9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Guidance for successful installation of a wide range of IBM software products


  • Complete installation guide of IBM software systems, Redhat Enterprise, IBM Cloud, and Docker.
  • Expert-led demonstration on complete configuration and implementation of IBM software solutions.
  • Includes best practices and efficient techniques adopted by banks, financial services, and insurance companies.


This book provides instructions for installation, configuration and troubleshooting sections to improve the IT support productivity and fast resolution of issues that arise. It covers readers' references that are available online and also step-by-step procedures required for a successful installation of a broad range of  IBM Data Analytics products.  This book provides a holistic in-depth knowledge for students, software architects, installation specialists, and developers of Data Analysis software and a handbook for data analysts who want a single source of information on IBM Data Analysis Software products. This book provides a single resource that covers the latest available IBM Data Analysis software on the most recent RedHat Linux and IBM Cloud platforms.

This book includes comprehensive technical guidance, enabling IT professionals to gain an in-depth knowledge of the installation of a broad range of IBM Software products across different operating systems. 


  • Step-by-step installation and configuration of IBM Watson Analytics.
  • Managing RedHat Enterprise Systems and IBM Cloud Platforms.
  • Installing, configuring, and managing IBM StoredIQ.
  • Best practices to administer and maintain IBM software packages.
  • Upgrading VMware stations and installing Docker.


This book is a go-to guide for IT professionals who are primarily  Solution Architects, Implementation Experts, or Technology Consultants of IBM Software suites. This will also be a useful guide for IT managers who are looking to adopt and enable their enterprise with IBM products.

  1. Getting Started with IBM Resources for Analytics
  2. IBM Component Software Compatibility Matrix
  3. IBM Download Procedures
  4. On-Premise Server Configurations and Prerequisites
  5. IBM Fix Packs
  6. IBM Cloud PAK Systems
  7. RedHat OpenShift 4.x Installations
  8. IBM Cloud Private System
  9. Base VMWare System Platform
  10. IBM Cloud Private Cluster on CentOS 8.0
  11. 11. UIMA Pipeline and Java Code Extensions
  12. IBM Watson Explorer Foundational Components V12
  13. IBM Watson Explorer oneWEX 12.0.3
  14. IBM StoredIQ for Legal
  15. APPENDIX References and End of Life Support
Alan Bluck has over 45 years of IT experience. He has been a Solutions Architect for IBM for over 10 years. He is now the Director and owner of ASB Software Development Limited, an IBM PartnerWorld partner and a consultancy providing systems architecture for a broad range of services. He is a member of the British Computer Society (MBCS, CITP).

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