Mastering AWS Serverless

Miguel A. Calles

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ISBN: 9789355516114
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Authors: Miguel A. Calles
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Edition: 2024
Pages: 442
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Serverless computing is relatively new compared to server-based designs. Amazon Web Services launched its serverless computing offering by introducing AWS Lambda. Lambda has introduced a revolution in cloud computing, where servers could be excluded from architectures, and events could be used to trigger other resources. The AWS serverless services have allowed developers, startups, and large enterprises to focus more on developing and creating features and spend less time managing and securing servers.

It covers key concepts like serverless architecture and AWS services. You will learn to create event-driven apps, launch websites, and build APIs with hands-on exercises. The book will explore storage options and data processing, including serverless Machine Learning. Discover best practices for architecture, security, and cost optimization. The book will cover advanced topics like AWS SAM and Lambda layers for complex workflows. Finally, get guidance on creating new serverless apps and migrating existing ones.  

The knowledge gained from this book will help you create a serverless website, application programming interface, and backend. In addition, the information covered in the book will help you process and analyze data using a serverless design.


  • Learn to create serverless applications that leverage serverless functions, databases, data stores, and application programming interfaces.
  • Learn the serverless concepts needed to provide serverless solutions for websites, mobile apps, APIs, backends, notifications, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.
  • Create serverless, event-driven architectures and designs through hands-on exercises throughout the book.


  • Creating a serverless website using Amazon S3 and CloudFront.
  • Creating a serverless API using Amazon API Gateway.
  • Create serverless functions with AWS Lambda.
  • Save data using Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3.
  • Perform authentication and authorization with Amazon Cognito.


The book targets professionals and students who want to gain experience in software development, cloud computing, web development, data processing, or Amazon Web Services. It is ideal for cloud architects, developers, and backend engineers seeking to leverage serverless services for scalable and cost-effective applications.

  1. Introduction to AWS Serverless
  2. Overview of Serverless Applications
  3. Designing Serverless Architectures
  4. Launching a Website
  5. Creating an API
  6. Saving and Using Data
  7. Adding Authentication and Authorization
  8. Processing Data using Automation and Machine Learning
  9. Sending Notifications
  10. Additional Automation Topics
  11. Architecture Best Practices
  12. Next Steps

Miguel A. Calles is an AWS Community Builder with a focus on serverless and a published author on serverless security. Miguel works on cloud computing and cybersecurity projects and has been writing on both topics since 2016. He has worked on multiple serverless projects since 2018 as a developer and security engineer. Miguel is currently a Senior Systems Engineer and Security Analyst at Iris Technology and was formerly the Chief Technology Officer at VeriToll building serverless solutions. Miguel has a Bachelor of Science degree in Material Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Master of Business Administrator degree from the University of Florida, a Cloud Security Alliance’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge certification, and an AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate certification. For fun, Miguel enjoys bowling with his family.

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