Mastering Large Language Models

Sanket Subhash Khandare

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ISBN: 9789355519658
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Authors: Sanket Subhash Khandare
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Edition: 2024
Pages: 380
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Book Type: Paperback

Transform your business landscape with the formidable prowess of large language models (LLMs). The book provides you with practical insights, guiding you through conceiving, designing, and implementing impactful LLM-driven applications.

This book explores NLP fundamentals like applications, evolution, components and language models. It teaches data pre-processing, neural networks, and specific architectures like RNNs, CNNs, and transformers. It tackles training challenges, advanced techniques such as GANs, meta-learning, and introduces top LLM models like GPT-3 and BERT. It also covers prompt engineering. Finally, it showcases LLM applications and emphasizes responsible development and deployment. 

With this book as your compass, you will navigate the ever-evolving landscape of LLM technology, staying ahead of the curve with the latest advancements and industry best practices.


  • Explore NLP basics and LLM fundamentals, including essentials, challenges, and model types.
  • Learn data handling and pre-processing techniques for efficient data management.
  • Understand neural networks overview, including NN basics, RNNs, CNNs, and transformers.
  • Strategies and examples for harnessing LLMs.


  • Grasp fundamentals of natural language processing (NLP) applications.
  • Explore advanced architectures like transformers and their applications.
  • Master techniques for training large language models effectively.
  • Implement advanced strategies, such as meta-learning and self-supervised learning.
  • Learn practical steps to build custom language model applications.


This book is tailored for those aiming to master large language models, including seasoned researchers, data scientists, developers, and practitioners in natural language processing (NLP). 

  1. Fundamentals of Natural Language Processing
  2. Introduction to Language Models
  3. Data Collection and Pre-processing for Language Modeling
  4. Neural Networks in Language Modeling
  5. Neural Network Architectures for Language Modeling
  6. Transformer-based Models for Language Modeling
  7. Training Large Language Models
  8. Advanced Techniques for Language Modeling
  9. Top Large Language Models
  10. Building First LLM App
  11. Applications of LLMs
  12. Ethical Considerations
  13. Prompt Engineering
  14. Future of LLMs and Its Impact


Sanket Subhash Khandare is a dynamic and influential technology executive with over 18 years of experience in product leadership and intrapreneurship. Notably, he has been spearheading various AI initiatives, predominantly in Large Language Models (LLMs), while prioritizing real customer value over the mere integration of AI into solutions. With a proven track record of scaling up technology companies through innovative SaaS-based products, driving high exponential growth, Sanket’s expertise lies in managing large, complex enterprise products in AI/ML, IoT, Mobility, and Web domains. He leads cross-functional teams to deliver cutting-edge solutions that solve real-world problems and drive business growth. As SVP of Products, he strategizes growth, manages global technology teams, and fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

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