Designing Microservices using Django

Shayank Jain

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Authors: Shayank Jain
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Publishing Date: April 2020
Pages: 388
Book Type: Paperback

Microservices architectures solve the multiple problems of software architecture. Django is a full-stack development framework, written in python.

This book includes everything necessary for web application development; from the user views to the information storage: model, persistence, relationships, controllers, forms, validations, rest API and a very useful back office. Furthermore, the book will show how to build production-ready microservices. It will help you create restful APIs and get familiar with Redis and Celery. Towards the end, the book will show how to secure these services and deploy these microservices using Django. Lastly, it will show how to scale our services.


A step-by-step that will help you build Microservices architecture using Django and Python

Key Features

  • Understand in-depth the fundamentals of Microservices
  • Learn how to create and use Django APIs
  • Use web technology such as Nginx, Gunicorn, UWSGI, and Postgresql to deploy a Django project

What will you learn

  • Understand the basics of Python, Django, and Microservices
  • Learn how to deploy Microservices with Django
  • Get familiar with Microservices Architecture - Designing, Principles, and Requirements
  • Implement Asynchronous task, JWT API Authentication and AWS Serverless with Microservice architecture

Who this book is for
This book is for those beginners who want to make their careers in software development. It starts from the basics of python and Django, takes the reader to the Microservices architecture.

  1. Basic of Python
  2. Major Pillars of OOPS with Python
  3. Getting Started with Django
  4. API Development with Django
  5. Database Modeling with Django
  6. First Django API Deployment on Web
  7. Django Project Deployment on various web servers
  8. What are Microservices
  9. Designing Microservice Systems
  10. Service Authentication
  11. Microservices Deployment With Django
  12. JWT Auth Service
  13. Asynchronous Tasks
  14. AWS Serverless
  15. How to Adopt Microservices in Practice
    Shayank Jain is a software developer and data analyst. He is strongly passionate about coding
    and architectural design. He has more than 6.5 years of professional experience in developing
    scalable software solutions for various organizations. He has been programming since the
    age of 16 and has developed software for mobile, web, hardware gaming and standalone
    applications. After getting his hands dirty with programming, he found many new ways to debug and deploy the code successfully with minimal time constraints.

    After reading and implementing, he found out that many critical concepts can be implemented easily in programming with correct and focused thinking. His research interests include information security, cryptography, analysis, design, and implementation of algorithms. He has extensively worked with python and implemented new ideas on various projects in his free time. He is also active in the computer science and education community. Through this book, he wants to share these methodologies and tricks with the beginners.

    Outside work, Shayank spends his spare time helping, coaching, and mentoring young people in taking up careers in technology.

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