MS Access 2000 Fast & Easy

Patrice-Anne Rutledge

SKU: 9788176561655

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ISBN: 9788176561655
Authors: Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2000
Pages: 360
Dimension: 23.5 X 18 X 1.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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Relax, Learning Access 2000 is now a breeze. You're holding a book dedicated to one simple idea: To help you accomplish your tasks as quickly and easily as possible. No need to wade through endless pages of boring text. With PRIMA TECH's fast & easy series you simply look and learn.

Part 1: Getting Started

Part 2: Working with Databases 

Part 3: Working with Tables

Part 4: Entering, Editing and Viewing Data

Part 5: Creating and Using Forms

Part 6: Querying for Information

Part 7: Working with Reports 

Part 8: Working with the Web

Part 9: Appendixes

Patrice-Anne Rutledge

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