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Prof. Satish Jain, Dr. Madhulika Jain, Shashank Jain,

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ISBN: 9788176566537
Authors: Prof. Satish Jain, Dr. Madhulika Jain, Shashank Jain,
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2002
Pages: 450
Dimension: 23.5 X 18 X 2 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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The Complete Text Book for Computer Science StudentsThis book provides a detailed discussion of the popular Windows packages, namely WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS and POWERPOINT. In addition, the book presents a detailed discussion on DOS and WINDOWS operating systems in easy to understand language. The book can also serve as a guide for connecting to the Internet and availing Internet services using the Internet Explorer.Internal and external DOS commands are explained with ample illustrations The book also explains procedure for setting up computer environment using configuration and batch files.

Chapter 1         Using DOS

Chapter 2         MSWindows operating system

Chapter 3         MsWord

Chapter 4         MsExcel

Chapter 5         MsPowerpoint

Chapter 6         MsAccess

Chapter 7         Introduction to Internet

Madhulika Jain, Shashank Jain, Prof. Satish Jain

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