PHP Security & Cracking Puzzles

Maxim Kuznetsov, Igor Simdyanov

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ISBN: 9788183331982
Authors: Maxim Kuznetsov, Igor Simdyanov
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2007
Pages: 388
Dimension: 24.5 X 18.5 X 2 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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Concentrating on the process of breaking and protecting Web applications written in PHP, this book also considers related Web programming topics such as client technologies (HTML, cookies, JavaScript), application protocols (HTTP, SMTP), SQL query language, and the breaking and protecting of the Apache Web server. Because these techniques can only be achieved by practical work, the book is divided into two parts: one covering the problem (puzzles) and one devoted to solving the problem. Evaluating the main problem for many Web programmers protecting their applications from being hacked—that they think differently than hackers—this book allows the reader to think like a hacker and understand the techniques they use. The accompanying CD-ROM contains distributions of PHP, Apache, and MySQL for Windows and Linux and the source codes for all of the solutions discussed.  


Chapter 1.1 : Strings

Chapter 1.2 : Regular Expressions

Chapter 1.3: Working with Files

Chapter 1.4 : MySQL and SQL Injections

Chapter 1.5 : Session and Cookies

Chapter 1.6 : User Agents and Referrers

Chapter 1.7 : Authorization and Authentication

Chapter 1.8 : Using Information from Other Sites

Chapter 1.9 : File Transfer Protocol

Chapter 1.10: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Chapter 1.11: Electronic Mail

Chapter 1.12: The Whois Services

Chapter 1.13: UNIX

Chapter 1.14: Telltale Scripts

Chapter 1.15: Miscellaneous  



Chapter 2.1: Strings

Chapter 2.2: Regular Expressions

Chapter 2.3: Working with Files

Chapter 2.4: My SQL and SQL Injections

Chapter 2.5: Sessions and Cookies

Chapter 2.6: User Agents and Referrers

Chapter 2.7: Authorization and Authentication

Chapter 2.8: Using Information from Other Sites

Chapter 2.9: File Transfer Protocol

Chapter 2.10: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Chapter 2.11: Electronic Mail

Chapter 2.12: the Whois Service

Chapter 2.13: UNIX

Chapter 11.14: Telltale Scripts

Chapter 2.15: Miscellaneous



Maxim Kuznetsov, Igor Simdyanov

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