Programming In Java

Amita Dev

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ISBN: 9788183330114
Authors: Amita Dev
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2005
Pages: 294
Dimension: 24 X 18 X 1.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

    The Java Programming language is currently well known to the world community of software developers and Internet content providers because of its ability to create simple, portable and secured environment for the World Wide Web. The accessibility of JAVA to secure platform independent applications and its ability ton remote hosts in a secure manner has been one of the primary reasons why it has flourished so much. The code development needs to be only done once and there is no need to hook up the applications to every software and hardware platforms since it is dependent of the platform.

    This edition is an attempt to impart in a nutshell all the important elements of this classic web based programming language. Easy module is suitably divided into units of major sub-topics. Basically this book is written in a self-learning style keeping the needs of the student in mind.

    Module 1: Introduction to Java

    • The Basics of Java
    • Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming
    • Java Environment
    Module 2: Language Basics
    • Java Tokens
    • Constants, Variables and Data Types
    • Operators and Expressions
    • Control Flow statements
    Module 3: Objects and Classes in Java
    • Introduction to Classes
    • Constructors and Access Specifiers
    • Inheritance and Method Overriding
    Module 4: Arrays, Strings and Vectors
    • Arrays
    • Strings
    • Vector and wrapper class
    Module 5: Packages and Interfaces
    • Using Java Interfaces
    • Using Java Packages
    Module 6: Exception Handling
    • Introduction to Exception Handling
    • Using Exception Handling
    • Throwing your own Exception
    Module 7: Multithreaded Programming
    • Multithreaded
    • Advanced Multithreaded
    Module 8: Applet Programming
    • Writing Applet
    • Taking Advantage of the Applet API
    Module 9: Working the Graphics
    • The Graphics Class
    • Custom Painting
     Amita Dev

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