Programming in Visual Basic

P K McBride

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ISBN: 9788170294993
Authors: P K McBride
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: December 2008
Dimension: 23.4 x 17.8 x 1.2 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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This book should be required reading for all developers working with Visual Basic and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Written by recognized VB/VBA experts, this book provides detailed coverage of a wide range of specific VBA programming challenges. Learn to write reusable classes, create well-tuned VBA applications, and investigate and document your work. Specific topics include string handling, understanding class modules, creating dynamic data structures, error handling, working with the System Registry, and creating multimedia. The companion CD includes reusable code from the book, plus third-party shareware and demos.          This book is aimed at computing students who need to be familiar with Visual Basic for courses up to, and including, degree level. It has been specifically written for those students who have some programming experience (typically Pascal or Basic) and who need a concise and practical introductory-level text on Visual Basic. The text introduces the concepts and techniques of the language across a broad front, and then goes more deeply into key aspects of the system, using larger and more interesting example programs for illustration. Where appropriate, short in-text programming tasks are included to enable students to practice immediately the techniques the text is introducing. At the end of most chapters there are longer programming exercises, some of which have sample answers at the end of the book for student self-testing. The book was written around Visual Basic 3.0 Standard Edition, but virtually all the techniques and concepts apply equally well to Visual Basic 2.0.

1 The Windows Environment

2 Visual Basic Concepts

3 Designing and Creating Programs 

4 Program Flow

5 Interacting with the User 

6 Testing and Debugging

7 Graphics 

8 Procedures, Functions and Forms

9 Arrays 

10 Interacting with the System

11 Sequential Files

 12 Records and Random Access Files 

13 Graphics

14 MDI Forms Appendices 

P K McBride


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