Python Training Guide


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This book provides an overview of the major aspects and the source code to use Python and is primarily for self-directed learners who want to learn Python and serves as a starting point for deeper exploration of Python Programming.





Includes a companion disc with appendices, source code, and figures


Contains material devoted to Raspberry, Pi, Roomba, Jason and Jython


Includes built-in functions and custom classes, data visualization, graphics, databases and more


Provides a solid introduction to Python via complete code samples




1. Introduction to Python


2. Conditional Logic, Loops, and Functions


3. Python Collections


4. Regular expressions


5. Files and Streams


6. Working with JSON and XML


7. Data Visualization and graphics


8. Built-in Functions and Custom Classes


9. Python and Databases


10. Miscellaneous Topics


11. Appendices (HTML5 and JavaScript Toolkits, Jython, SPA


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