Learning RabbitMQ with C#

Saineshwar Bageri

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ISBN: 9789388176941
ISBN: 9789388511124
Authors: Saineshwar Bagheri
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2018
Pages: 108
Dimension: 15.2 x 0.6 x 22.9 cm
Book Type: Paperback

This book is meant for developers, architects, solution providers, consultants and engineers, Primarily the book requires knowledge of C#, but it can also be understood by anybody with a bit of programming background. This book contains instructions on how to set up and Install RabbitMQ on Windows and how to use Web Management Plugin of RabbitMQ. It also discusses topics such as Exchanges, types of Rabbit MQ Exchanges and Queue along with Binding in RabbitMQ and creating RabbitMQ Users, Publishing/ Reading/ Deleting Messages Using C#

Step by Step guide to develop solutions using RabbitMQ message queuing with .Net application.

Key Features

  • How to Setup RabbitMQ on Windows
  • What are RabbitMQ Exchanges and its Types
  • What are Queues and Bindings
  • How to Create Users in RabbitMQ and Setting privilege
  • How to Publish /Read/Delete Messages Using C#

What Will You Learn

  • RabbitMQ, its Setup, Exchanges, Queues, users and Binding.
  • RabbitMQ Virtual hosts, Connections, Channels
  • Publishing, Reading, Delete Message
  • Publish Message Using C# to RabbitMQ
  • Using RabbitMQ Direct Message Exchanges, Topic Message Exchanges, Fanout Message Exchanges and Headers Message Exchanges with .Net Application

Who This Book is For
This book is for developers, architects, solution providers, consultant, and engineers to develop solutions using RabbitMQ message and queuing with .Net applications.

      1. RabbitMQ Introduction
      2. RabbitMQ Setup
      3. Installing Erlang
      4. Installing RabbitMQ
      5. Starting RabbitMQ Server
      6. Enabling web management plugin
      7. Web Management plugin
      8. RabbitMQ Exchanges
      9. What are the Exchanges?
      10. Direct Exchange
      11. Adding Exchanges
      12. RabbitMQ Queues
      13. Adding queue
      14. Binding in
      15. RabbitMQ
      16. RabbitMQ Users
      17. Creating Users
      18. Setting privilege to access virtual hosts
      19. RabbitMQ Virtual Hosts
      20. Creating Virtual host
      21. Creating Users
      22. Setting privilege to access virtual hosts
      23. Connections
      Saineshwar Bagheri is a Software Developer working on .NET Web Technologies for six years. His expertise also includes Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Entity Framework, Unit Testing AngularJS and JavaScrip. He has been presented with MVP awards by Microsoft (2018) and C# Corner (2014-2018)

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