SAP Workflow Business Process Automation

Sudipta Malakar

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ISBN: 9789388176538
Authors: Sudipta Malakar
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2019
Pages: 602
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Book Type: Paperback
The book has been written in such a way that the concepts are explained in detail, giving adequate emphasis on examples. To make clarity of the programming examples, logic is explained properly as well discussed using comments in program itself. The book covers the topics right from the start of the software using snapshots of starting the software and writing programs into it. The real-time examples are discussed in detail from simple to complex taking into consideration the requirement of IT consultants. Various sample projects are included in the Book and are written in simple language so as to give IT consultants the basic idea of developing projects in SAP. The examples given in book are user-focused and have been highly updated including topics, figures and examples.

The book features more on practical approach with more examples covering topics from simple to complex one addressing many of the core concepts and advance topics also.

Demystifying “SAP Business Automation” and shape tangible use cases that add values to your organisation, Customers & Business

Key Features
Examples, problem solutions, and tips and tricks for daily practice are given in a simple manner.
Learn the Troubleshooting & performance optimization techniques
Get to know the Hard coding – Categorization & Recommendations
SAP Business Workflow Introduction, Terminology, Function Modules and Reports are given in a simple form.

What Will You Learn
SAP NetWeaver Gateway
Realtime Case Study and demos on workflow for all the major SAP applications
Step-by-step instructions for adapting data flows, agent determination, event definitions, and more
SAP Workflow upgrade from 4.6 to 6.0

Who This Book is For
SAP Consultants, SAP technical, Business analysts, Architects, Team Leads, Project Leads, Project Managers, Account Manager, Account Executives, CEO, CTO, COO, CIO, Sr. VP, Directors.

    Chapter 1: SAP Business Workflow Introduction
    Chapter 2: SAP Business Workflow Introduction
    Chapter 3: SAP Business Workflow Terminology
    Chapter 4: SAP Workflow with Function Modules & Reports 
    Chapter 5: SAP Workflow Review Checklist
    Chapter 6: Demo- SAP Workflow for Credit Memos
    Chapter 7: Demo- SAP Business Workflow Substitution
    Chapter 8: Demo - When a FI Document is Parked then Trigger Custom Workflow
    Chapter 9: Demo - Goods Returns Workflow
    Chapter 10: Demo- Workflow for MRP Purchase Requisitions 
    Chapter 11: Workflow Management System Best Practices
    Chapter 12: Earn Value - Overview 
    Chapter 13: Basic Data Services Using SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0
    Chapter 14: SAP NetWeaver Gateway- Transaction Codes Usage and Purpose
    Chapter 15: SAP NetWeaver Gateway Basic Configuration
    Chapter 16: Demo- Workflow Trigger Using HR Tables
    Chapter 17: Demo- Workflow Trigger using Status Management
    Chapter 18: Demo- Leave Request 
    Chapter 19: Demo- Integration of Portal and SAP Workflow
    Chapter 20: Demo- Integration of Workflow with ALE
    Chapter 21: Demo- Attach link in send mail Step of a 
    Chapter 22: Case Study - Advance Workflow Design- Update Sales Document
    Chapter 23: Case Study - SAP Workflow Upgrade from 4.6 to 6.0
    Chapter 24: Quiz Session - SAP Workflow
    Sudipta Malakar is an accomplished IT SAP Project Manager, Program Manager, Agile Coach with 15+ years of experience in directing SAP DEV teams in supporting many major fortune 500 clients in multiple large accounts that include more than 7 years of experience in IT Project/Program & Solution Delivery Management and 5+ years of experience in Agile as SCRUM Master, Agile Coach.
    He is a certified Disruptive Strategy professional from HBX Harvard Business School, USA, Bachelor degree in Technology (B. TECH) in Chemical Technology from Calcutta University.

    He is certified Sr. Project Manager in (Prince-2), CSP®, CSM®, KMP, ICP-ACC®, TKP®, ITIL, DevOps, ISO, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, CMMi. 

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