Simple Tally 8.1

A.K.Nadhani, K.K.Nadhani

SKU: 9788183331890

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Author: A.K.Nadhani, K.K.Nadhani


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: BPB Publications
  • ISBN: 9788183331890
  • Edition: 2007
  • Pages: 262
  • Dimension: 21.5 X 14 X 1 cm


It is Ideal handbook for Students & Housewives to maintain Accounts in Indian language. Explained in simple and lucid way with numerous illustrations and practical examples. No accounting knowledge required. Complete steps for installation of Tally 8.1 migration of data from earlier 7.2 ver to 8.1 ver, Multi language set up, complete working method of Masters, Voucher and reports printing in Indian languages. Also describes complete process of maintaining accounts, preparing invoice and printing all accounts and inventory reports, right from creation of company to year and process and moving to next years accounts. Practical problems and the suggested solutions are also included. This will immensely help aspiring students who participate in training and certification tests on Tally.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Installation
  2. Upgrading Tally
  3. Data Migration
  4. Language Setup
  5. Multilingual Operation
  6. Basic Concepts of Accounting
  7. Company Creation
  8. Gateway of Tally
  9. Chart of Accounts
  10. Account masters
  11. Voucher Entry
  12. Single Mode Voucher Entry
  13. Accounts Voucher Printing
  14. Accounts Master Lists
  15. Accounts Voucher Lists
  16. Day Book Summaries
  17. Columnar Accounts Voucher Register
  18. Trial Balance
  19. Final Accounts
  20. Reports printing
  21. Multi Accounts Reports printing
  22. Data Maintenance
  23. Moving to New Financial year
  24. Inventory set up
  25. Inventory Masters
  26. Inventory Voucher
  27. Invoicing
  28. Inventory Reports


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